BBC content definitions

BBC StoryWorks is BBC Studio’s creative studio for our international advertising clients. We work with brands to develop and deliver high quality content across BBC Studio’s digital and TV platforms, as well as representing other BBC-branded digital assets.

Content definitions

All content on BBC sites is produced by our editorial teams, except when clearly labelled. We apply the follow definitions.

Custom production

This is paid commercial content that is created to promote an advertiser. It is produced by BBC StoryWorks, a division within BBC Studios that is separate to the BBC’s editorial teams. Examples of custom production include television commercials on TV, and ad units and video pre-roll online.

Branded content

BBC StoryWorks also creates paid published content with an editorial style which runs ‘natively’ on

BBC StoryWorks works with commercial clients to create this content, and they may if they wish contribute to the content by providing expertise, insights or access to data.

The content is clearly labelled as “paid and presented by [brand logo]” or “advertisement feature presented by [brand logo]”.

This content must adhere to the BBC’s guidelines on “advertisement features” (see section 3 of the Advertising and Sponsorship Guidelines) specifically that the content should be informative and interesting, add value for the reader, and be of an appropriate quality to be published alongside BBC content. This is a requirement in addition to the general requirement for advertisement content such that applies to custom production. Video content may also run elsewhere including on BBC World News in commercial airtime.

Advertiser content

Advertiser Content is paid commercial content created and provided by a brand to promote their products or services. The content is labelled “Advertiser content provided by [brand logo]”. This content must adhere to the BBC’s guidelines on “advertisement features” (see section 3 of the Advertising and Sponsorship Guidelines).

Sponsored content

Sponsored content is BBC editorial content that an advertiser pays to associate with. The content is commissioned by the BBC’s editorial teams and is independent of the sponsor. It is usually labelled “sponsored by” or “in association with”.

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